Published May 7, 2020

Community responses in times of crisis

Glimpses into the past, present and future

Steve Wyler is an independent consultant, researcher and writer in the social sector. He also co-convenes A Better Way. From 2000 to 2014, he was CEO of Locality, a national network of community organisations dedicated to community enterprise, community ownership and social change.
Local Trust
Published March 25, 2020

The Courage to Succeed

Taking action to make a change

Local Trust
Published January 13, 2020


Levelling the scales of local power

David Boyle
Published November 8, 2019

A level playing field

How sport can unite and transform communities

Ryan Herman
Published May 29, 2019

Beyond age

Why communities are investing in young people’s futures

Antony Mason, Intergenerational Foundation
Published April 5, 2019

Creating the future

Art, communities and change

Maddy Costa
Published October 23, 2018

Building wealth

How communities are reshaping the economy from the bottom up

Local Trust
Published August 3, 2018

Designs on the past

What can history do for hard pressed communities?

Across England, 150 communities are using £1 million each to make their area a better place to live. They are part of Big Local, a resident-led programme of local transformation, described as ‘perhaps the most important and ambitious experiment in community development ever undertaken in the UK’. Carey Newson explores how four Big Local areas – Ramsey, Plaistow, Gateshead and Boston – are each tapping into unique local histories to reignite pride in their community. Heritage draws on issues of local identity and community cohesion by reminding people they are part of a story that began long before they were born and cannot be written for future generations without them.
Carey Newson
Published June 7, 2018

Community Spirits

The changing role of faith in place

Local Trust
Published May 9, 2018

Skittled out?

The collapse and revival of England’s social infrastructure

Dan Gregory
Published February 8, 2018

New seeds beneath the snow?

Big Local neighbourhoods in action

Julian Dobson